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University of Bristol

“Even though there are a lot of muslim students and staff in Bristol Dental School, there is no designated prayer room in the building. I pray in the girl’s locker room in the basement of the building.

The location is convenient, but it can get over-crowded in the room, which makes it impossible for me to pray anywhere in the Dental School; even though all dental students spend most days from 8am-5pm in that building, with barely any time for lunch.”

Middlesex University

“This picture is of one event we held and I strongly suggest people to be proactive in booking rooms”

University of Leeds

“Our usual Friday prayer booking was cancelled last minute by the Union so the only other place we could pray was directly outside the students’ union.”

University of Central Lancashire

“We have a multi-faith facility for prayers. However, its overcrowded and inconvenient to run all the way there in a 10min break, so we pray in the first aid room (when its not in use).”

Brunel University

“Borough road halls of residence- Lancaster complex”

Swansea University

“Singleton Park Rock. A beautiful, shady, secluded area in the Park surrounding the campus. There is no provision in terms of rooming for the Christian faith at all so praying on campus is nigh on impossible.”

Newcastle University

“Newcastle University’s prayer room. A good provision which students make the most of, even though it’s very crowded a lot of the time. Incredibly peaceful and calming at night, when I meditate during revision breaks.”

Open University

“I’m lucky enough to work and study in Central London. My favourite place to meditate and pray is at our Charterhouse Square campus. I sit in the grounds and thank God for the things in my life and ask him for guidance.”

Eccles Mosque Lancashire

Bergen Community

“My Church in Washington township”