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8.00am: Arrive at Liverpool ACCs loading bay bright and early.

8.15am: Now that we’ve sussed out the venue, it’s time to offload all our gear.

8.45pm: …just a final few more boxes.

9.00am: We can’t go forgetting this sign…

10.00am: After working out what’s going where, take up the flooring and lay all the cables.

12:00pm: Next up, let’s build the lectern.

2.00pm: Now, to turn on all of the gadgets in the control room.

3:00pm: Just a few more things to move around now…

3:30pm: And, we’re ready for our delegates.

9.00am: Good Morning, VP Education

The first thing I found when I arrived at work was this big box of Computing & Engineering periodic reviews on my desk.