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Students at the University of Salford preparing for their night out with the lights out

Loads at Southampton Solent ready to cut carbon on their campus

Getting out onto the campus, heading to the first building they’re blacking out

Outside one of the buildings, having made it more energy efficient for the weekend

Dozens of students at Surry here, getting out to shut off unnecessary equipment

Turning it all off in Wolverhampton to make massive energy savings

Of course, all the volunteers come back to the students’ union for some pizza…

Relaxing after a long night energy saving

9.00am: On the way to the first ever Student Sustainability Summit

Walking past the blooming almond tree in our Sustainability Garden, on the way to the first ever Student Sustainability Summit.

10.00am: Bumping into James from Lancaster

Bumping into James, a delegate from Lancaster, while we’re both en route to the union building. We chat about which sessions we’re most excited about; James is keen on post-crash economics, while I’m looking forward to the talk on population.