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9.00am: On the way to the first ever Student Sustainability Summit

Walking past the blooming almond tree in our Sustainability Garden, on the way to the first ever Student Sustainability Summit.

10.00am: Bumping into James from Lancaster

Bumping into James, a delegate from Lancaster, while we’re both en route to the union building. We chat about which sessions we’re most excited about; James is keen on post-crash economics, while I’m looking forward to the talk on population.

10.30pm: The Summit begins

After chatting with delegates from across the country in the LUU foyer, NUS Vice President Society & Citizenship, Piers Telemacque, launches the summit!

10.45am: Crystal Lameman talk

The inspiring First Nation activist, Crystal Lameman, gives a talk on the destructive impact of tar sands.

11.30am: A quick visit to the secret garden

Myself and another few delegates pay a visit to the secret garden and Leeds Community Project at 6 Grosvenor Mount.

1:30pm: Tasty food courtesy of The Real JunkFood Project

We scurry back in time for tasty food courtesy of The Real JunkFood Project, a student led project funded by the Leeds Green Exchange!

2.00pm: Sex sells!

Sex sells! An interesting workshop from Sara Parkin on the impact of population growth on our climate, and why we should be talking about population more critically.

4:30pm: ‘A Line in the Tar Sands’

After the conference’s final keynote, I’m lucky enough to nab one of the last copies of ‘A Line in the Tar Sands’, a chapter of which was written by Crystal! She was even kind enough to sign it with an inspiring message.